KegelStrong Device!

KegelStrong is the first professional bodybuilding device with customizable weights and it is the first sport with a specific training program for the pelvic-sexual muscular group through the help of which these muscles are trained and revigorated, thus obtaining the uro-genital organs’ health and functionality on an athletic-sports level.
These are the affections which the KegelStrong exercises have a very strong reaction on, thus hurrying healing and rehabilitation, where drugs can not manage to do so on their own.
The results are powerful and they protect you from any possible future affection for the rest of your life:

· Impotence
· Weak erection
· Precocious erection
. Penis enlargement
· Azoospermia - Infertility
· Prostatitis    -CPPS
· Urinary incontinence
· The prostate adenoma’s prevention and improvement  -BPH
· Stimulating penis growth for boys undergoing puberty

If you use the KegelStrong device solution as a prevention measure and you maintain this pelvic area active, you shall certainly prevent prostate adenoma’s and prostate cancer’s occurrence, which generally occur after the age of 40-50 years.
You may ask yourselves how this device can be so efficient!

In fig no. 1, you can notice how our pelvis is restrained by muscles. These muscles cover and coat everything pertaining to the internal genital organs just like a protective layer.
During trainings, these are invaded with blood and they are revigorated, toned, brought back to life and they naturally start to have a normal operation again, thus increasing the healing potential, the rehabilitation and the defense protection against various dysfunctions, by bringing them back to a state of normality.
Imagine tying your hand to your back and not using it anymore for about a month or two – the result is that these muscles would atrophiate, the quantity of blood traveling through them would be reduced to half, your power would disappear, the nervous impulses from the brain to the arm would be drastically reduced and thus remain in an inactive state and, it is obvious that the arm cannot function, cannot move, thus remaining in a type of semi-paralysis, not to mention that illness can occur at any time seeing as the tissues are lacking defense.
In order to rehabilitate the arms, it is not drugs that are to be prescribed, but physical therapy, meaning a specific recuperation gymnastics.
It is the same for affections on a genital level. Once installed, they influence the atrophy of the entire muscularity on this level. This, if this also involves muscles, it is logical that they can also be rehabilitated through recovery gymnastics.
The sexual organs’ functionality mainly depends on the muscles surrounding them. We can only have a good blood circulation through the help of well toned and trained muscles since drugs can barely do anything in this matter.
This is how muscles behave! If they are not reactivated through specific exercises, they remain in a permanent state of lethargy, continuing to deteriorate until the definite loss of their functions.
Active muscles equal health and the normal functionalities of what they include.
As for biceps, if they are well trained and active, they can offer strong power to the arm and, as for pelvic muscles, if they are well trained and active, they can offer power and a healthy and powerful functionality of the genital organs.

The KegelStrong device was especially designed so that all men can reinvent themselves as males, for a new way of life, through which they can maintain and develop their sexual abilities.

I have frequently heard women say they wish their life partners would approach them a bit more aggressively and more decisively when it comes to sex, to be more hot blooded and temperamental in bed and to totally physically dominate them. But that these men cannot do so, because they are pale, passive and “non-fighters”.
Gentlemen, I would like to inform you that you can have this strong sexual energy, such manifestations that are set by men who dominate a woman.
They are dominant in bed, as well as in society. They are successful men, with a mental capacity and an attitude that raise envy from others, true leaders at work, as well as at home, real heads of the household, society’s most important and basic institution, which has also been seriously affected nowadays… by the lack of masculine virility.
Gentlemen, regain your true dignity as men, as this has been seriously affected by bad food, stress, sedentarity, our modern lifestyle, etc., which, unfortunately, we dispose of in this modern society, and fight against all these aspects with the pelvic exercises.
You can now benefit from the simplest method of retrieving what we have been progressively losing for the past ten generations until now, our masculinity. The KegelStrong device shall stop these deteriorations and masculine sexual degradations and it shall help you become strong.
All you have to do is order the device together with the exercise program and change your life.

Give up any chemical, artificial stimulant as it can only help temporarily and cause even more side effects! You can swallow anything, but if you have weak and atrophiated muscles through which even blood is not physically able to circulate, you shall find no solution to cure them.
If this were possible, professional sportsmen would sit around all day instead of going to their daily trainings and they would only count on drugs to get into physical shape and to have power and energy.
One cannot gain energy and force except through specific trainings, for each muscular group, on the level of which one desires to obtain superior functions, on the solicitations afferent to each sport.
In order to develop one’s biceps muscles, certain exercises need to be performed in order to develop leg muscles, several different devices are used, according to the desired muscles, calves, femoral muscles, thighs, the sartorius muscle, etc…, we can almost say that a device was invented for training each muscular-scheletic

We now have a device for training these muscles as well and we can obtain the advantages of their development- 
the KegelStrong device!

Advantages of training with KegelStrong device:

- To make the exercise should not be erect penis; 
- Do not take long to find the muscle to be trained (pc muscle).Muscles that are required, contracts under traction loads and vibrations coming from the device as a spontaneous reflex;  
- Do not need to have strong pelvic muscles that can make exercise; 
- Training program is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced users. (DVD-English and French); 
- Results come much faster than in Kegel exercises performed without this device and are really strong; 
- Fixing system of the penis is no discomfort or pain, not cause harm of any kind; 
- Vibrations that are transmitted stimulates muscle tension up to 97%. A normal man can strain only 43% with conventional training. 

Russian scientists Ledbedev and Peliakov have observed this and used the Russian astronauts returning from weightlessness new concept of training the muscles, combined with vibration bodybuilding. 
Astronauts had major problems and muscle disorders (lack of strength and energy, muscle tone, muscle atrophy, motor coordination difficult, etc.) in the absence of gravity earth. They should undergo a special training program, to recover their muscle function and the introduction of vibratory plate, they have achieved results well above those obtained through conventional training. 
When nerve fibers are weak you can not transmit nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles, that they could contract and to stimulate the regeneration needed them. But the vibrations transmitted by this device stimulates neuromuscular junction and thus tensing the muscles are stronger and occur instantly. 
So, the vibrations have a powerful effect in restoring and reactivating nerve impulses at this level. Traction weights are designed to develop muscular strength and energy. 


- The results are not obtained for everyone equally, the recovery period may vary from case to case;
- If you have more than 20 years, this device does not help you to increase the penis (I assure you that nothing can increase penis after this age, I do not sell illusions). But blood vessels develop their ability to hold more blood, and as a result, the penis becomes slightly larger when erect. Therefore you get a stronger erection;
- Due to its size, the device cannot be used very discreetly. You need a more intimate space about 30-60 minutes 5 times a week;
- Exercises can cause pain for those who have had prostate surgery or urethra. But at the same time, help heal wounds and recovery of sexual and urinary function more quickly. Exercises for recovery muscle injuries are always painful;
- You can not get a good erection immediately after exercises because your muscles are tired after training. In the first three months can be a little harder for some of you. But the power of erection and potency is amazing, once your muscles adapt to this activity.